30oz Straight Sublimation WhiteTumblers
30oz Straight Sublimation WhiteTumblers

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30oz Straight Sublimation WhiteTumblers

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Blank 30oz Straight Sublimation Gloss White Tumbler with Metal straw and rubber bottom.


Tip for Sublimation Tumblers: If your paper is sticking to the tumblers.
You can wash the paper off and scrub with a non abrasive sponge with soap and water.
Because of the delays at the port, lots of tumblers are getting damp. If you have an issue with the paper sticking I would preheat your tumblers before you press on them. Either in the oven or in the tumbler press. This also helps with tumblers that where not properly cured at the factory.
This applies not only from buying from us, but from buying from other suppliers.

Oven: 400 degrees for 10-15 mins
Press: 390 for 60 secs, rotate for 30 secs.